Training for Patients and their Families

Creating a model to utilise experiences and knowledge.

training-for-patients-and-their-families Training for Patients and their Families

Training for patients and their families provides patients with tools to live a better life. The training also aims to offer mutual learning between patients, their families and staff. Today, there is no model in place to make use of patients’ and their families’ experiences and knowledge or to include these in the health care system.


The aim of the project is to create a model that enables the health care service to capture and understand patients’ knowledge and experiences and to transform them into concrete improvements to provide better patient care.


During the spring and the start of autumn, the Patient and Citizen Service (Patient- och medborgarservice) is carrying out the project together with the Disability Federation Värmland and Experio Lab. During four workshops the participants consisting of patients, their families, moderators, staff and librarians will come together to develop better feedback solutions to be used in the health care service. Between the workshops, a team consisting of a service designer from Experio Lab and staff from the Patient and Citizen Service (Patient- och medborgarservice) will lead the project and conduct field research and utilise and refine ideas and propositions from the workshops.