The Patient Journey

Improving the patient’s experience throughout the health care service.

The Patient Journey

The aim of the project has been to identify areas of improvements in the care chain, seen from the patient’s perspective rather than an organisational viewpoint.

“I’ve been working as a nurse for 40 years and after taking on the role as Dave the patient I have reassessed the way I work.”

Ulla Raami, one of the project participants.


We got 29 members of staff together from the municipality and the County Council who directly or indirectly affect the patient’s journey. They were divided into three groups and got to follow three real-life cases, from start to finish. In order to enter the role of the patient and thus be able to view the health care service from a patient perspective, those who acted as patients got to wear glasses which blurred their vision and ear drops to obscure their hearing, among other things. The rest of the participants documented the journey in different ways. The journeys were divided up into three half-days. After each journey the group had workshops where they reflected on the experiences.

The Patient Journey from Veryday on Vimeo.


The groups gained new insights, came up with ideas and propositions for improvement. The propositions presented by the groups are now the basis for coming improvement areas.

Download the project report in PDF format (In Swedish):
Kartläggning av vårdkoordineringsprocessen – Att göra patientens resa (Mapping out the Care Coordination Process – Making the Patient Journey) (2.3 MB)