Surgery Patients’ Experiences

Master’s thesis by Hanna Andersson from HDK – School of Design and Crafts.

Surgery Patients’ Experiences

The aim of the project has been to investigate how the health care service can be improved for surgery patients.


Hanna Andersson, a master’s student in design at HDK – School of Design and Crafts, has conducted her master’s thesis with us this spring. The study was carried out at the new surgery unit in Karlstad which is being set up by the County Council of Värmland. The study focused on the emotional journey of the patient before, during and after surgery, and was based on the care procedures for orthopedic patients prior to surgery: referrals, journals, registration, surgery preparations etc. The study began with a fairly open-ended premise where the patients’ stories got to lead the way. The hypothesis was an attempt to use the patient’s perspective but also include the subjective notions of Hanna Andersson the designer. It worked as a tool to get closer to the patient experience. The empathic understanding that developed between the designer and the patient helped to direct the process and to approach subjects or pose questions which might otherwise have been lost.


The end result was a book. The book portrays selected parts of the result from the field study and is supposed to function as a basis for an ongoing process to involve the patients in the development process of the new surgery unit.

Read Hanna Andersson’s book in PDF format (In Swedish):
Berättelser från insidan (3.4 MB)