Health meets hack in a competition on future health innovations.


During the spring, Experio Lab participated in Health Hack. The Hack consisted of a 48-hour workshop during which we tried to develop a solution for a case study. Since the workshop, we have met twice to receive coaching. The solution was presented during the Digital Health Days, 26-27 August.

The County Council of Värmland and Experio Lab joined with a case study on the development of a First Line service. The service, which is in progress in the County Council of Värmland, is aimed at children and young people with mild/moderate mental illness. The question posed was how might we make it easier for young people to seek help for their problems. Our idea is an app, Deload (working name). Within the application you can write down your thoughts, and the choose if you want to keep the thoughts private or send them to First Line to get in contact with a professional.


The aim of the project is to further develop the First Line service based on young people’s needs and on their terms. We will do so with use of an app solution/interface which will make it easier for young people to talk about their mental illness and for them to get in contact with the first line if need be.


Within the Health Hack concept, our designers have been able to come up with ideas, concept improvements and prototypes. Using a basic prototype of the app, we visited a high school and spoke with 50 pupils and listened to their thoughts and opinions. They thought the app was a good idea and we received a lot of suggestions for how to improve it. After our presentation during the Digital Health Days, we ´ve focused on how to further develop the concept and embed the idea within the county council.

Deload_presentation (The presentation from Digital Health Days)