First Line

"Many children and young people with mental illness feel that they are pawns in a game, where someone else sets the ground rules and move their pieces." From the Children's Ombudsman's report, "Break the Silence" in 2014.

first-line First Line

In recent years there have been many national reports indicating that the number of children and adolescents who suffer from mental illness is increasing dramatically. Today, there is a large and growing gap between the needs and the efforts being made. Therefore we need to find new ways of working with children and young people, where they are treated and involved based on their conditions and needs. SKL emphasizes high availability and easy way in as important factors for a good First Line activity.
First Line in Karlstad area (Forshaga, Grums, Hammarö, Karlstad and Kil) started in early 2015 and is aimed at children and adolescents aged 6-20 years with mild to moderate mental illness and / or hazardous use. The activity has a shared ownership between county and municipality, in order to minimize gaps between different activities and responsibilities.
Experio Lab and First Line started their cooperation by participating together in a hackaton the Digital Health Days summer of 2014. Then the idea woken to continue cooperation in order to develop the First Line in Karlstad.


The goal is to increase the availability of digital and flexible care services for children and young people with mental illness. The project involves staff, visitors and related parties on equal terms in the development of new services.
First Line in Karlstad will be a pilot who mixes traditional therapies with modern digital tools and techniques. An important starting point is to harness the power of young people being ”digital natives” by taking advantage of their mobile habits of services that are customized , flexible and available .


The project began in spring 2015 and will continue throughout 2016. In order to ensure continuity and quality of the development work aservice designer / interaction designers is recruited to First Line.
The project involves researchers in service design and media and communications. A national network of clinical profession is also available and supports with their experiences and perspectives on future requirements.
In the spring of 2015 Experio Lab held a number of workshops where they tested different design methods and tools to enhance the interest in and knowledge of how to use design in their development. In the autumn the research efforts intensifies to identify the user needs and behaviors.


Examples of results can include:
• Increased availability through digital solutions
• Increased competence in service design for staff
• Flexible meeting and treatments
• Prevention for help-to-self-help