Chronically Devoted

Involving patients to achieve better health care.

chronically-devoted Chronically Devoted

The aim of the project “Chronically Devoted” is to use service innovation with the help of design methods to create good examples of how the care of terminally ill patients can be run with a higher level of co-creation for radically improved care, compliance with national guidelines and early discovery. The project is run within the framework of the government mission, “National Strategy to Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease”. The strategy aims to improve care for terminally ill people and thus create conditions for a long-term, sustainable, effective and equal health care system in Sweden.


The project is carried out in collaboration with the County Council of Sörmland and the County Council of Värmland, along with staff and patients at the health care centres City Eskilstuna and Kronoparken Health Care Centre in Karlstad. In the start-up phase, the project has been named “Chronically Devoted” to describe the project’s ambition to create permanent commitment and involvement. The County Council of Sörmland and the County Council of Värmland want to broaden and strengthen the patients and their families’ co-creation and thus also the person-centralisation within the health care system with the use of different design and service innovation methods. Transformation methods are based on the patient’s perspective and life conditions.

If you want to learn about the project and follow the progress, please visit the Project Blog (In Swedish).