Children and Young People’s Participation

The result of experimental learning, i.e. learning from experience.

Children and Young People’s Participation

The training had two objectives, first to teach the seven participants from the County Council of Värmland about design and provide them with practical tools to capture the patients’ experiences. The second objective was to create solutions to make health care service more focused on the needs of children and young people.


The training was held by Doberman design consultancy. It was based on experimental learning, i.e. allowing the participants to learn by doing. Using different methods, such as observations and interviews with children and young people, the participants were able to identify the needs of the target group. Based on these needs, the participants developed solutions which were tested and then further improved.


We ended up with three solutions: a notice aimed at children, a preparation form for young people who are visiting a youth guidance centre, and pictures illustrating what a visit to the doctor’s will be like in brief. Feel free to have a look at the videos below where the participants describe how they work and present the solutions in more detail (In Swedish).

Customised notices for children going to the dentist:

A preparation form for young people visiting a youth guidance centre:

Pictures illustrating a visit to the doctor’s:

”It’s really exciting! Even though the project was set in my own work environment I got to see things from a different perspective and made new insights, says Pia Borgenstedt, dental hygienist.”