Care Centre 2.0

In “Care Centre 2.0” we aim to improve the primary health care service.

Care Centre 2.0

The main idea of the project is to help patients as well as staff to present ideas of how primary care could be improved for everyone involved, using patients’ experiences of primary care as a starting point.


To find out what is required to achieve improved primary care, one of our service designers is working part-time at Rud Health Care Centre in Karlstad for one year. The assignment has two objectives: firstly, the designer is in charge of creating conditions for patients and their families so that they can be a part of the development of new care solutions and making sure their voices are heard. Secondly, the service designer should also function as a resource for the staff to see their workplace from a new perspective and help them to develop new solutions for patients with the patients.

The method is based on service design where the starting point is always to understand and start out from the fundamental needs and wishes of all involved parties, but with focus on the target group, in this case the patients. If you want to learn about the project, you can follow our service designer Anna’s blog (In Swedish).