About Us

Welcome to Experio Lab, a national centre for patient-focused service innovation. We bring staff, patients and their families together so that we can create care services that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. We use design as a constantly evolving tool and approach to understand people’s needs, build courage to envision new solutions and facilitate co-operation to make it happen.

Experio Lab is a learning project and part of the County Council of Värmland. Our mission is to create an environment where care and design can meet. This allows for knowledge, experience and skills to be developed and shared with the aim to improve patient benefit and create sustainable organisational development.

We work together with the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP Service Labs), the Service Research Centre at Karlstad University, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID), the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the County Council of Sörmland, Linköping University, the Business & Design Lab at the University of Gothenburg and the design consultancies Veryday, Doberman, and Transformator, among others.


What we do

Experio Lab initiate and run different innovation projects with focus on the patient throughout their health care service experience. Staff, patients and their families take a practical and active part on equal terms in all our projects. Our goal is to develop care services that are seen as valuable and easily applicable by the patient. Another goal is to equip the staff with customised and practical design tools to continually involve patients. Using that as a starting point, we can contribute to knowledge development on service innovation and design in the public sector on a national level.


Our philosophy – The Experio Way

Curiosity and empathy for people’s everyday lives

Change is always born out of curiosity. We use curiosity and enthusiasm to understand other people’s needs. Why do we act the way we do, what needs are we unable to express and why is the health care service operating the way it is? Our first step is always to understand the situation.

Courage to dream of a better future

How can we describe something which does not yet exist? It takes courage to express in words and design the things which may challenge already existing systems, ways of working, cultures and habitual patterns. Can we really do things differently? We have the courage to dream and to challenge.

Co-creation to make it happen

Together we are strong. Two brains work better than one, of that we are certain. Our tax-funded health care service belongs to all of us and therefore we are all needed to design, fulfil and develop it. Together we create, together we test and try out solutions, and together we make it work.

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